With over 20 years of clay production experience artist & potter, Mary Jo Schmith, works daily to design & create inspired functional stoneware dinner & serving ware & tile.

All worked from raw clay one piece at a time!

Hot from the kiln, inspired works ready for immediate sale.

Work with us to create your own custom dinnerware.

Catch up with us at our next event!

A love for the beauty of craft, the science of raw materials, and the unpredictable forces of fire keep every pot a new challenge.

Clayworking is first and foremost a learned craft. Skill and technique, accumulated through practice, defines a pot’s quality. Enhancing articles we use every day with images important to our daily lives make it all the more fun! Like farming, clayworking is a lifestyle, almost never free from the process of clay’s constant change.

front ave pottery owner mary jo

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